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July 23 2014

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gabby dover.

um dia saber (costas)

Oksana Aleksandrovna
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"Black Power/Feminism"

Concept & Photography by ME

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©Valérie Archeno

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(c) 2014 highcastle + cam damage

fuji fp-3000B

cam and i had a short shoot yesterday. we have a few instax, impossible project, and fp-3000b’s available and more to come. please contact me to inquire about purchasing.

reblog ONLY with credits intact

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Miranda Kerr

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tasha (2014) / i.m. ruzz 

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by (flickr/instagram/twitter) (model:pepper kester)

taken in san jose, california, usa.

see the full set here.

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um dia saber (in bed)

Camille Rochette

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Brianna Olenslager by Dorian Wolf

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