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October 30 2014

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New Work on Temples - 2014

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Ting @ Stockholm.
Film: Impossible Project PX70 CP
Camera: Polaroid SX70

LS  |  Face

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by Stefan Radev

(please keep the credits on the pictures intact)

suores da manhã


Emily Ratajkowski

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sem cor


Kate Upton

October 29 2014

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Yen - by Mikey McMichaels - 004421IMG_0580

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ph. Resa Rot

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© Photo: Nicola De Luigi

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glimmermerephoto x angiemariedreams

No, I’ve never had sex in my skates. I was holding out for a particularly sexy merby player but he chickened out on me.

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Marilyn Photographed by George Barris, 1962

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blue note | mariacarla boscono by mert & marcus for vogue paris, nov 14

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