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November 30 2015

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Hi my dear friend,

I am unsure why this didn’t go through yesterday but here it is now. My back yard is not completely secluded and neighbors do have a view. And boy did they have a view yesterday, though I hope none were home or looking hehe. It was freeing to be in the back yard like this though. I was so happy and it was fun! I’m editing in a film look sort of way and I’m adoring it. I hope you do too! I also hope this inspires some to be free as well!

Much love, photographicpornography

– I am so in love with this photo! I don’t even know where to begin. The angle of the shot, the film look of the editing, the sunglasses, your braid… No… I know! Your stunning, dazzling, adorable smile! Wow! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing it here. I feel blessed to call you friend. Happy belated BPM! Xoxo, T.
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November 29 2015

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Photo by, from upcoming XCONFESSIONS release CARNIVAL HUSTLERS

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Suspended In Light - by Mikey McMichaels - 300716DSC03439 -

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Photos by Art of the Nude. Fall 2015.

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Imagine how completely stoned I am. Photo taken by me :)

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Ripe Plum - © April-lea Hutchinson

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Oui, 1978

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Francesca Woodman :: Untitled, Boulder, Colorado, 1972-1975

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Elisa Campos.

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